Feeling Great!!!!

I felt surprisingly good after yesterday's 20.75 mile run around New Fairfield, CT. Not sure exactly why but I do think the three-hour nap I took yesterday afternoon certainly played a part. (For that, by the way, I need to thank Mrs. Longest Run for her support. Making the commitment to run a marathon involves a lot of time, some money (to buy gear), and lots of talking (sharing injuries, details of long runs, etc., etc.; it would be impossible to pull it off without a supportive spouse - so thank you Mrs. LR!).

Anyway....I felt great this afternoon and headed out for a run in Central Park with my friend Amanda. The weather cooperated - it was clear and cool after some impressive thunderstorms earlier in the day - and we had a great loop of the park. Our final time was 57:33 (9:33 minutes/mile), which isn't super-fast, but a great time considering yesterday's run.

I was also pleased to find at this morning's weigh-in (I weigh myself once a week on Monday morning) that I am down to my lowest weight in the two and a half years I've been really focused on fitness. It seems lots of things are coming together - the training (especially the recent hill work), cooler weather, weight, and diet - and I'm feeling strong and confident. Here's hoping it continues over the 61 days between now and race day.

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