Did It!

Don't have the official mileage yet, but I finished 18+ this morning in 3:14:30.

Thank you to everyone who sent good luck wishes via the comments or email!


A. said...

Excellent - how do you feel?

Chatham Gardens said...

Well done - how are you doing?

Michael@greenakeys.com said...

3 hours plus of pain and sweat. Endorphins are fun. The longest run I ever took on was a 9 mile run back in 1992. My heels were bruised quite a bit after that. I dont even want to contemplate 18 plus.

My good friend Michael is running the Chicago Marathon. He finished the Traverse City marathon in under 4 hours. It was his second marathon. He his hooked now.

I think Ill pass. Its pretty hilly here. NYC sounds much better for running.

Blue Heron Farm said...

Sweeeeeeeeet. You could run from our house to the nearest grocery store, now.

...but you could only come 1/3 of the way back. ...so don't get ice cream.


Michael said...

Andrew - congratulations- what a step. Beth and I discuss your pursuit often. Keep it up.


Annette said...

Then the marathon in 4 hrs is within reach.

Debbie Barrash said...

I'm impressed...I'd be lucky to run 18 hundreths of a mile. Hope you're taking a day off after that.