Worth a Listen - Tapes From USAirways Flight 1549

F.A.A. Releases Flight 1549 Tapes (edited and full-length audio is available at the link).

Listening to the audio of communications between the pilot of Flight 1549 and air traffic controllers, I'm struck by how calm everyone seems to be. Hard to imagine.

If you're interested in James Fallows' take on what happened, check out these two blog posts:

In case you were wondering, about that airplane in the Hudson

Two quick followups about the airplane in the Hudson

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Chelsea said...

I listened to the short & long version. Very cool. Interesting to see the difference in the long one, with the Gulfstream flight they were also tracking. I want to read all the comments on NYT but there are too many! The one's I've read so far are fun, though.