Loving TED

Spurred to action by Virginia Heffernan's article in the New York Times Sunday Magazine (Confessions of a TED Addict), I've started watching videos from the annual TED conference. You can read Heffernan's article for a more in-depth overview of what the conference is about, but I think the TED tag line sums things up pretty well: Ideas Worth Spreading.

I've got a bunch of videos lined up to watch, but my favorites so far are by Peter Reinhart on baking bread and Benjamin Wallace on the price of happiness.

Here's the Reinhart video:

And here's the Wallace video:

(here are links to the Reinhart and the Wallace in case you can't see the embedded videos).

If yoy are interested in baking bread, you should also check out Reinhart's new cookbook The Bread Baker's Apprentice: Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread. The cookbook has won a couple of awards and is terrific. I've not made any of the breads yet but have enjoyed just reading Reinhart's detailed descriptions of the bread making process.

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Chelsea said...

So glad you like Peter Reinhart! He is a really nice guy. I was his editor at Ten Speed for his book Crust & Crumb. My brother uses his cookbooks too.

Forever Inquisitive said...

Hi Andrew,
Any other TED talks that you found/recommend? thanks! Lisa Charters