Way Cool - My Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Since I'm still on the bench for running given my groin injury, I've been focused lately on spin classes. I've rearranged my weight training day so I can attend spin class three days a week - on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Today's class was the first I attended with a heart rate monitor, and the results were terrific.

The five zones pictured above correspond to ranges of % of maximum heart rate. Zone 5 is 90-100%, Zone 4 is 80-89%, Zone 3 is 70-79%, Zone 2 is 60-69%, and Zone 1 is 50-59%. Knowing my heart rate zone during class helps motivate me to push into higher zones and also keeps me from kidding myself about how hard I'm working. Today's class was really tough, and though I never got into Zone 5, I did spend a fair amount of time in Zone 4 (more than 20 minutes).

If you are committed to doing great cardio workouts, I suggest you consider a heart rate monitor. I have the Polar RS200 Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Black)


Chatham Gardens said...

Great results indeed. I have also been tracking my heart rate zone results since I got back on the treadmill and about 50% of my workout is in the zone 3 range, which is great for me at this point. I would love to get to zone 4 but cannot imagine ever getting to zone 5. Keep up the good work. Its nice to think you might get to go to the gym with your "Mom" again some day!

Chris @ Polar said...

Great results! Keep up the good work!

-Chris @ Polar USA