Pepper Jelly

We love spicy foods in general, and Mrs. Longest Run especially likes pepper jelly. These being the days to stay inside with a hot fire, I'm doing a lot of cooking. One of today's projects was to make pepper jelly. To keep things interesting I made two different recipes. The first, courtesy of the Kraft Corporation, Sure-Jell Hot Pepper Jelly, came out really well (it looks just like the jelly in the recipe picture). I went looking for the Sure-Jell recipe as the blueberry jam I made using Sure-Jell last summer was insanely good (prepared with hand-picked blueberries from Ellsworth Farm in Connecticut).

Today's other recipe was courtesy of the website Simply Recipes: Jalapeno Pepper Jelly. I was interested in this recipe as it used the natural pectin in fruits rather than including added pectin.

Both came out well and would be worth making again - though I'd definitely shoot to make them spicier next time....

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Blue Heron Farm said...

Oooh! Bring some to town when you come and we'll put it over plain chevre. :)