Favorite Articles/Reading on Leadership

A friend at work recently asked me to recommend my favorite articles or readings on leadership; after assembling the list I figured I would share it with you. If there are other pieces you'd recommend, let me know via the comments!

Leadership Favorites


Primal Leadership - Daniel Goleman (also here and here)
Five Dysfunctions of A Team – Patrick Lencioni (also here and here)
The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive
– Patrick Lencioni (also here and here)

Personal Development/Leadership/Role of an Executive
What Makes An Effective Executive – Drucker
Managing Oneself – Drucker
Managing For Business Effectiveness - Drucker
Leading Change – Why Transformation Efforts Fail – Kotter
What Makes A Leader? – Goleman
Leadership That Gets Results – Goleman
What Leaders Really Do – Kotter
Discovering Your Authentic Leadership – George
Five Minds Of A Manager - Mintzberg
Reaching Your Potential – Kaplan
What To Ask The Person In The Mirror - Kaplan
Ways CEOs Lead – Farkas
Managing Your Boss – Kotter
How Successful Leaders Think – Martin
How Senior Managers Think - Isenberg

Leading/Managing Change

Driving Radical Change – McKinsey Quarterly (registration required)
A Blueprint For Strategic Leadership – Wheeler et al; Strategy & Business

Time Management/Priorities/Strategy

The Theory Of The Business - Drucker
Reclaim Your Job – Ghoshal
Beware The Busy Manager – Bruch
Managing The Right Tension – Dodd
Management Time – Who’s Got The Monkey – Orken
Stop Wasting Valuable Time - Mankins
Building Your Company's Vision - Collins


The Effective Decision – Drucker
What You Don’t Know About Making Decisions – Garvin
How Management Teams Can Have A Good Fight – Eisenhardt
Stop Making Plans; Start Making Decisions – Mankins

A series of articles written by Jonathan Byrnes; the articles originally appeared in a Harvard Business School newsletter called HBS Working Knowledge and focus mostly on the idea of managing profitability. The first article is called Who's Managing Profitability; links to pdfs of the entire series can be found here.

I'd also recommend the blog of Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson publishing; the blog is called From Where I Sit.

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