A Million Fans!?!?!?!

Some interesting notes from the race organizer today. Exciting and daunting stuff....
Welcome to race week for the 2008 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. The race is only days away, and participants from across the country and around the world are waiting in eager anticipation to hit the ground running on the historic streets of Chicago, where more than a million spectators will be standing curbside and cheering them on.
Question of the Month
For our September Question of the Month, we asked: Marathon veterans, what last-minute advice would you offer someone who is preparing to take on the marathon for the first time?

“There is only one piece of advice, and it's an essential element to having a good marathon. Quite simply, ENJOY IT! You have to get into the whole event, not just the race. Make the most of the Expo. Get excited about buying new running kit that will proudly tell your friends that you ran the 2008 Chicago Marathon when you get home. Go and check out some of the race day course preparations, go and see the finish gantry. Imagine yourself running down the final straight, arms aloft in the time you want. Talk about it with anyone that will listen, and at night, sleep! Sleep with excitement, not with nerves. This is going to be one of the greatest days of your life! Yes it will hurt, yes there may be tears, but you will never forget completing your first marathon. So don't worry about it, experience it for all it's worth, and enjoy it!”

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Chatham Gardens said...

Sounds like good advice. Travel easy tomorrow and say hi to the old neighborhoods as you run through them on Sunday. I'll be one of your virtual spectators and am looking forward to hearing how much fun your first marathon was. xox