Beginning The Journey

It's a beautiful morning in New York City as we start our trip to
Chicago. I'm very excited and a little bit nervous.

Saw the doctor and physical therapist again yesterday and received a
clean bill of health (the x-rays were totally normal, including all
the signs of aging one would expect). Given the rest, a steady diet of
Tylenol, stretching, and some physical therapy, my leg feels much
better. This is the longest stretch I've gone without running (it will
be 7 full days by race day) in a very long time


A. said...

You are going to have a GREAT run! The seven days will give you the rest you need! Just be sure to pace properly - after such a long pause you'll be itching to really run right from the start... I recommend a 'build' strategy for the race (though am sure you already have a race plan in mind). I did this one for NY: 1st 7-8 miles build to a pace, next 10 miles find the 'swing', last 8 or so, build to a fast finish... this way you won't burn out by the 16 mile point...

David said...

I'm excited for you, AW. Here's hoping for blue skies and comfortably cool weather for you to run in.

One thought that helped me get ready for Chicago that that I hope might help you as well... Think about all of the training you have put into preparing for this one run. How many miles have passed under you to get ready for it? Add them up... big number, huh?

Now, when you get to the line to start things off, remember that there are just 26.2 more to go.

Enjoy them!