Weekly Training Update - 6 Weeks To Go

Here's the week 11 training update:

Week 11 target mileage: 42 miles
Week 11 actual mileage: 35.8 miles

Target cumulative miles through last week: 418 miles
Actual cumulative miles through last week: 406.2 miles
Variance: (11.8) miles

Training miles to go: 208

Last week was totally brutal, especially the medium-long run on Saturday where my pace was almost 11 minutes per mile. Week 10 was so good that the struggles last week were pretty surprising. On reflection, though, I think there are a bunch of reasons the week was tough: the psychology of being on vacation, irregular eating habits (more wine, desserts, and rich food than is typical), irregular sleep habits, the strong pull of other fun activities, the boredom of running basically the same route for two straight weeks, and most significantly, coming off a 45 mile week where I averaged just over 9 minutes per mile for the entire week (fast for me).

The off-day yesterday seems to have helped as I ran 7 miles this morning and was reasonably comfortable. Another 20-mile run looms at the end of the week.....

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