Weekly Training Update, 5 Weeks To Go

Here's the week 12 training update:

Week 12 target mileage: 45 miles
Week 12 actual mileage: 43.3 miles

Target cumulative miles through last week: 463 miles
Actual cumulative miles through last week: 449.6 miles
Variance: (13.4) miles

Training miles to go: 163

As I mentioned earlier today, last week was really tough - probably the hardest week yet. For the first time I feel like I'm getting sick of following a schedule, so thank goodness the end is in sight. This week is a fallback week and will include a half-marathon on Sunday, so that should help ease the monotony just a bit. Only two more full training weeks to go before the eagerly anticipated taper begins. I've been collecting some new running books and reading a lot about what to do in the final weeks and days before (and after) the race.

I'm also very happy that we once again have weather that at least approximates fall on the temperature and humidity front.

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