Weekly Training Update - 3 Weeks To Go

Here's the week 14 training update:

Week 14 target mileage: 45 miles
Week 14 actual mileage: 46.7 miles

Target cumulative miles through last week: 550 miles
Actual cumulative miles through last week: 536.7 miles
Variance: (16.2) miles

Training miles to go: 76

Last week was terrific. Somehow I rediscovered the joy of training (after a day off last Tuesday I went to bed excited about my run the next morning!) and almost all of my typical aches and pains disappeared. The only physical concern at this point is a nagging groin injury; it's mostly just sore when I get started running each morning, but I am slightly concerned about it.

I also hit some milestones last week, including most miles ever in a week (46.7) and longest run ever - both in terms of distance (22.05 miles) and time (3 hours, 36+ minutes).

I feel ready to go and super-excited for the race!

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