Now I'm Qualified.....

....for the 2009 NYC Marathon. With 9 races (including 5 half-marathons!) completed this year, all that was lacking was my volunteer duty. I worked the Long Training Run (a 20 mile run for people in training for this year's marathon) on Saturday; despite a crazy early start (I had to be in the park at 102nd Street on the east side at 6AM) it was actually a pretty enjoyable experience, aided by the fact that I saw three friends running while I was working the race.

With the receipt of the note below, I'm officially in for 2009!

On behalf of New York Road Runners, I want to thank you for volunteering at the Long Training Run # 2. NYRR and the 2342 finishers could not have put on the event without you.

Be sure to save this email as a confirmation of your attendance.

If you volunteered in order to earn entry into next year’s ING New York City Marathon (along with completing nine qualifying races and being an NYRR member as of January 31, 2008, and remaining in good standing) we will update your record.

Please send any comments about your volunteer experience to We hope your experience was a positive one and that you will volunteer again in the nearfuture.



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Congrats! Very cool to know that you've got NY on the horizon - and a great milestone to have run NINE(!) races! 5 Halfs! AMAZING!