The Experience of a Lifetime

I was initially disappointed to learn that the Chicago Marathon bans headphones during the race as I have always run with music and find it's a great motivational boost. Now that I know for sure my friend Chris and I will be running together I wouldn't be using an ipod in any case, though this article from the New York Times has a good perspective on the topic.

According to Mary Wittenberg, who is in charge of the New York Road Runners:
"Our overwhelming concern is safety, but I think somebody is crazy to wear an iPod at this marathon for other reasons,” she said. “You want every single sense tuned in to the experience of running the race of a lifetime."

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A. said...

THAT IS SO TRUE! I think you would miss so much if you were tuned out - when I ran New York, I was so overwhelmed (in a good way) by the amazing character of the city. The bands on every corner in Brooklyn, the drumming corps in Harlem - even just the people in each borough who cheered us on by saying, "Welcome to QUEENS!"

The sounds are so incredible - especially when you come around the corner of the 59th street brideg and you can hear the tremendous roar of the crowd long before 1st Avenue comes into view... just thinking about the sound of the day gives me goosebumps. It would be a shame to miss a single second of it!