Weekly Training Update - 9 Weeks To Go

Here's the week 8 training update:

Week 8 target mileage: 45 miles
Week 8 actual mileage: 45.7 miles

Target cumulative miles through last week: 290 miles
Actual cumulative miles through last week: 288.3 miles
Variance: (1.72) miles

Training miles to go: 336

A couple of 'firsts' for last week - my first run over twenty miles and my first week running more than 45 miles. This week is a stepback week - no long run (just 13 on Saturday) and a total mileage target of *only* 41 miles. With tonight's run, it's 6 down and 35 to go!

Finally, a short shout-out to Chris (with whom I'll run Chicago) on his first half-marathon race last weekend. His finishing time of two hours and change indicates we should be well matched on October 12.

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