Weekly Training Update - 7 Weeks To Go

Here's the week 10 training update:

Week 10 target mileage: 45 miles
Week 10 actual mileage: 45.3 miles

Target cumulative miles through last week: 376 miles
Actual cumulative miles through last week: 370.4 miles
Variance: (5.61) miles

Training miles to go: 250

Last week's training was helped by what may have been the best stretch of August vacation weather I've ever experienced - cool and dry every day; this week looks like more of the same. Average pace was 30 seconds per mile faster than the last 45 mile training week.

I feel like the end is in sight - just four more weeks of training (two weeks of 42 miles and two weeks of 45 miles) before I begin my two week taper.....

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