Set out early this morning for the week's scheduled long run, planning to do 16 miles. I felt great for the first 12 miles or so and figured my pace would be pretty good as a result. I reached a point in the route where I knew exactly how much distance I had remaining, but my total time at that point seemed kind of high. When I finished and sat down to calculate the exact mileage, it turns out I'd actually run 17.3 miles. Oops!

Overall, the pace was about 15 seconds/mile faster than my last long run, so I wasn't imagining things after all; I was a full 30 seconds/mile for the first 12 miles. While I expected to be slow given that this was my fifth day in a row to run, I suspect I benefitted from attacking the hills of Central Park earlier this week.

Two other notable items: I completed the workout with only two stops - one time to fill my water bottles and one time for a pit stop at the gas station. Also.....I almost had my first experience throwing up from exertion/exhaustion; in the last half mile I felt the need but couldn't quite get it done. Not exactly something to look forward to.

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