Ingredients For A New PR (personal record)

Take 2 Clif Shot Bloks (margarita flavor with salt - pretty gross), temperatures in the low 50's, lots of sunshine, a light breeze, new shoes, and run after a day off.....and you get a new PR. I ran my 5.5 mile loop of Candlewood Isle in 45:06, beating my old PR by more than 2:30.

I talked a few weeks ago with my friend Amanda about using positive visualization as a tool during running, and while it's not exactly the same thing, I spent time today thinking about inspiration. Two things which helped: thinking about Michael Phelps and what he did en route to winning 8 gold medals and thinking about CRUSHING my former PR (rather than just beating it).

I was in the final half-mile and a song from the soundtrack of the most recent Rocky movie (yes, I did see it, and yes, it was pretty bad) came on - a remix of 'Gonna Fly Now'. Silly as it may seem, Gonna Fly Now, Eye of The Tiger, and the Theme From Rocky have always been great workout songs for me.

My favorite part of the remix:
It ain't about how hard you's about how hard you can get much you can take and keep moving forward...that's how winning is done.

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