Weekly Training Update - 14 Weeks To Go

I looked at the Chicago Marathon website today and was excited to see the countdown to the race is in double digits. Last week was a good training week, especially since it seems I'm over the cold that has been dragging me down. I might even be adjusting a bit to the heat and humidity.....

The weekly stats:

Week 3 target mileage: 34 miles
Week 3 actual mileage: 34.7 miles

Target cumulative miles through last week: 96 miles
Actual cumulative miles through last week: 89.9 miles
Variance: (6.1) miles

The week four schedule includes runs of 5, 7, 5, and 18 miles. I'm a little intimidated by the concept of 18 miles, but there's not much to be done about that. I will be in Connecticut and will have to do three loops of our neighborhood (and then some) to get to the mileage goal. Not ideal, but better than running on the busy two-lane roads in the area. I'm still looking for good alternative routes in CT but haven't come up with anything yet.

Overall, I'm feeling good.
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