Two Great Concerts

I had the chance recently to see one of my favorite musical artists, Lyle Lovett, twice in the space of three days. Lyle played with his Large Band at the Beacon Theater in New York City on Sunday night and at Ives Concert Park (outdoors) in Danbury on Tuesday night. Both shows were fantastic. The band played a lot of songs from Lyle's most recent album, It's Not Big It's Large [Deluxe Edition]; it's a great album you should check out if you've not heard it.

We had a bit of rain at the show on Tuesday, but as we were walking in we were treated to two rainbows - something I've never seen before. In the photo below, the second rainbow is somewhat faint, but you can see it to the right of the very visible one.

Below is a shot of Lyle and part of the band from the end of Tuesday's performance.

The Large Band is a collection of a group of what seem to be pretty accomplished musicians, and it seems to me most of them have been touring as part of the Large Band for a good number of years now. Talking about the band on Sunday night, and the fact that he really appreciates the chance to tour with them regularly during the summertime, Lyle said:
"It's a wonderful thing when something you love to do turns into your life."
I think that's a great point of view.

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Ingrid said...

Your double rainbow is a rare sight, indeed. Did you notice the colors in the second one appear in opposite sequence? How cool is that?