A Strange Definition Of 'Amenities'

Also from the recent Chicago Marathon newsletter - some good advice for first-time marathoners:
While there will be no shortage of runners leading the way, “knowing the course” means knowing the locations of the mile markers, aid stations, medical facilities, restroom facilities, PowerGel distribution, entertainment zones, and much more.

As an endurance sport, the marathon will challenge you mentally and physically like never before. Being keenly aware of the resources and services available to you along the race course is critical.

In particular, you should know where you can find race day essentials such as Hinckley Springs water, Gatorade, drop-out buses, medical and restroom facilities. These necessities can be found at the 20 aid stations along the course. Prior to the race, be sure to familiarize yourself with the aid station locations by viewing the course map and list of icons representing each amenity online at chicagomarathon.com.

While you’re at it, learn the streets and neighborhoods you will be running through, and which amenities will be awaiting you around each turn. The more familiar you are with your surroundings on race day, the more comfortable and confident you will feel throughout the race.

Hmmm - drop-out buses and medical facilities are amenities?!?
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