Great Marathon Story

I love the web.

I am a regular reader of Lifehacker and read with interest a recent post called: The Best Tech Tools and Fitness Plans to Get in Shape.

That post led to Hack Attack: Motivate yourself and Hack Attack: How to hack a marathon - two post chock full of goodies about preparing for and running a marathon (the Chicago Marathon specifically!).

Best of all - a link to a runner's story of his New York City Marathon experience at The New York City Marathon: Now It Can Be Told.

If you only have time for one of the links, check out the last one. Kind of makes me wonder why people put themselves through this....even though I really know the answer why.
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Chelsea said...

Thanks for the reference to that guy's story of running the marathon. I really liked it--I learned a lot and it was funny. And that was from 2003! I wonder if he's still blogging and still marathoning.