Commitment......or Insanity?

This week's training schedule included a 13 mile run for yesterday morning (Saturday). While I thought I'd adjusted to the heat and humidity, that's apparently not the case. I set out at about 7AM yesterday and got my fanny kicked by the combination of heat, humidity, and hills up in Connecticut. I decided to stop after about 7.5 miles and call it quits. There's an argument to be made for running a route where quitting is not an option, as I stopped running at ou house just before beginning my second loop of Candlewood Isle.

Given that I'd run 18 miles last weekend, I felt pretty lame for having stopped and had the sense that I could have in fact finished the planned 13 mile run if I'd just pressed on.

In the end, I set out again late yesterday afternoon for another 5.5 miles, thereby finishing what I'd started. It was a grueling hour of running, but I felt great for having finished the day's target mileage (albeit in two segments) and enjoyed a dip in the lake to cool off.

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Chatham Gardens said...

Good for you - its great that you got your full mileage in yesterday. And even better to have a nice cool lake to relax in.