Calling All Marathoners

My friend and marathon partner Chris and I were talking last week about what we might do the night of the marathon. Since neither of us has run 26.2 before, we don't have any sense at all of what we'll be up for. So....for those of you who have run a marathon - how did you feel the night of the race? What are we likely to have the energy for?

Let us know in the comments or via email.


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A. said...

Given how much you are training, if all goes as planned you should be fine that evening and up for celebration! I went to dinner after New York at a great Italian place near my apartment. I recommend a glass of wine or a beer (but no more, and nix this if you opt for tylenol instead) because your muscles will be so sore that it will be hard to get to sleep. I also recommend simple, delicious but somewhat bland food. You won't be up for much spice and you may feel a bit queasy but you'll still want to eat. The next day too, plan to keep food with you all the time as you are traveling back to New York.

One note though, I'd try to stay flexible. If it is unseasonably humid or rainy, you may have to adjust plans (wasn't it crazy hot in Chicago last year?). Several friends had planned to join me after the run in NY for dinner and they were unable to make it - many due to dehydration and general exhaustion. A small dinner with 3-4 people is probably the best option - and try to manage expectations that you might bail at the last minute if you aren't feeling great.