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Of all the articles I read about Tim Russert, the Wall Street Journal article A Visceral Fear: Heart Attacks That Strike Out of the Blue stuck with me the most; the article also reminded me of the origin of my commitment to exercise.

Way back in 2002 I had a physical exam and learned I was up to 192 pounds, good for a BMI of 29.2 (well into the overweight range). The doctor told me I needed to lose some weight, so I started exercising and trying to eat better. Nearly 6 years and 1,250+ exercise sessions later (an average of 4.3 sessions per week), I'm down almost 25 pounds and have seen marked improvement in my blood pressure and my cholesterol. Aside from the obvious health benefits, I feel the exercise helps me reduce stress and maintain my sanity - always a good thing.
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A. said...

AWESOME accomplishment. Amazing the way you are able to stay on track. I find that I need to recommit from time to time. It's tough to keep up the discipline.