What Was I Thinking?

Somewhere in my jet-lagged, sleep-deprived mind I thought I would just roll off the plane after two days working in Amsterdam and run two loops of Central Park.

I set out with the best of intentions but shut things down after just more than seven miles. I was feeling overheated and also bothered by a couple of blisters on my right foot, so I opted to be conservative and not overdo it.

Today was the first day I've run where it was really warm (over 80, and it felt like more than that in the sun), so I'm happy to have finished the seven and consider it a good start at adjusting to the more difficult conditions ahead during the late spring and early summer.

This is the first week in the last four where I've not run over thirty miles. It's a funny coincidence that my exact total for the week is 26.2 miles!

Happy afternote:  after I finished I wandered up 77th Street and into a fair held at PS 87. As I'd hoped, I ran in to my friend Matt and his lovely family.

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