Finding An Old Friend In The New Yorker

Illustration used with permission from Quickhoney

Who out there hasn't heard the lament of the typical New Yorker magazine reader? You love the magazine but find it impossible to get through issues within a week's time; back issues pile up and lead to guilt and cognitive dissonance until you come to your senses and throw away the pile.

Well, it's Friday night, and with one daughter at a sleepover and the other hosting a sleepover here in our apartment, it's clean up the desk night. In 'processing' old issues of the magazine, I came across Idolatry, an article from the May 19th issue on the American Idol phenomenon.

Having missed the show a lot since the stunning conclusion a couple of weeks back (go David Cook!) it was nice to have an excuse to revisit some of the highlights of the season.

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