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I wrote some time back in Running, Brands, and Marketing about getting a Nike+ sensor/ipod add-on. I've enjoyed the product so far and admit a certain affinity for Nike+ and the community it's created. The web site is pretty cool but runs slowly enough that it's frustrating to use. The best part of the product so far for me is getting periodic emails from Nike+ when I cross milestones (100 miles, 500 kilometers, etc.). I'm up to almost 400 miles running with the sensor and I think Nike will send me a t-shirt when I pass 500 miles. Not so bad, really.

One of the community features is the ability to set up challenges with other runners. I've recently joined a challenge called Run Like NYC Nike+ Challenge where runners from different neighborhoods log their mileage to see which neighborhood can do the most miles. The logging starts in the next few days, and I've put a cool tracking widget (also included below) on the blog web site. I'll be interested to see what it's like to participate in a challenge. If any of you readers are also Nike+ users, let's go for a one-on-one challenge!

The sensor tracks your mileage, which is quite useful, but I've found the accuracy to be just a bit spotty for my taste. When your ipod is plugged in and synced with your computer, data on your run (time, distance) go to Nike+ and are logged in your account; if you're participating in a challenge that's how the information is accumulated.

Another feature of the Nike+ community is the ability to 'share' runs (see below). Cool graphics but not a lot of there there beyond that.

All in all a fun product.

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