A Return Visitor

Grosbeak 2008

Grosbeak 2007

Last weekend I took a picture of a bird that I don't see very often - a rose-breasted grosbeak; I'd only seen one once before, When I went to look through old photos to figure out when I'd seen the last one - it turns out it was almost exactly one year ago. I suppose the grosbeaks may just pass through our area on the way to somewhere.....


Michael@greenakeys.com said...

Are you stocking different feeds in multiple feeders to attract multiple species? Is that millet in the feeder in the grosbeak photo?

Ive found that when we have used any mix with black oil sunflower seeds the birds waste everything besides the sunflower seeds.

The finches really enjoy the thistle seed, but then we end up with a yard full of thistles. :(

We have woodpeckers galore here in MD. Ive seen Downey Woodpeckers, big Red Headed Woodpeckers, Northern Flickers and really huge Pileated Woodpeckers. The pileated woodpeckers are very difficult to spot. You can often hear them but they are not easy to find.

Ive only seen the Grosbeaks in our yard once. They are beautiful birds.

Georoc said...

Seems like it was the weekend for unusual bird sitings. Saw a beautiful owl on my Saturday morning mountain bike ride. First time I have seen one in the wild. Really thrilling!