Great Race Tonight

I ran this evening in the AHA Start! Wall Street Run, a 3 mile run through lower Manhattan. After watching it rain most of the day and expecting to be wet and cold for the race, we were blessed with cool temperatures and overcast skies with just a few sprinkles.

The race was tricky given the sheer number of people (4,300 entrants), narrow streets (here's the course map), and big puddles. Though the course was pretty cool, I didn't have a chance to really look up until the third mile. At that point I had a nice view of clearing skies and the Statue of Liberty - not so bad.

My splits were so strange I wasn't convinced the course was really the advertised 3 miles. According to my watch, I ran the first mile in 7:42, the second in 8:12, and the last mile in 6:48 even though I felt that was the slowest mile.

The official results:
3 miles
22:36 minutes
7:32 per mile
overall place: 885 (out of 4,301)
gender place: 764 (out of 2,563)
age place: 122 (out of 507)

To put things in perspective, the mens winner (a 44 year old) finished in 15:36; the top female runner (a 30 year old) finished in 17:11) .

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Chatham Gardens said...

your continuous improvement is so great and I am certain very self-satisfying. the reward for us watchers is huge, we are all so proud o our successes.