Good News/Bad News. But Mostly Bad News.

I learned a lesson this morning: don't ever look at the New York Road Runners web site before heading out for a run - it's potentially demotivating.

Checking the site this morning, I noticed that the date for the Staten Island Half-marathon has been October 12th. For those of you who have been following regularly, you know that October 12th is the day of the Chicago Marathon (now only 148 days and 19 hours away). Now, I've noticed that the dates for some of the NYRR races can move around a lot, so there's a chance that the race date will move again, but it's a bummer to think I might be denied in my quest for the Grand Prix when I've already completed 3 of 5 races.

That's the bad news. The good news is that the weekend the race was originally scheduled to take place - September 13/14 - now has a NYRR marathon training run on the schedule; that will likely give me a chance to do one of my extra-long marathon preparation runs (20 miles +) in Central Park with lots of other people and the support that usually goes with the races put on by NYRR. Small consolation, though.

Since this week has been a bit of a grind on the training front - particularly compared to last week - I wasn't sure if I would do a long run this morning. Inspired by beautiful weather - mid-40's, clear, and sunny - I set out to do at least one loop of the park. I did the loop plus an extra lower loop for a total of just under 9 miles at a pace of 8:34, giving me 25.7 miles for the week.

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