Fishing In Westminster

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I had the chance to go on a short fishing outing with some colleagues at work this week. We actually had some success, catching about 15 fish of all shapes and sizes, including smallmouth and largemouth bass. The picture is of one of the larger bass I caught.

The fun part of the story is that I was fishing basically at the office. There's a county park right outside our distribution center in Westminster Maryland that has a small pond in it. Many years ago I learned the state of Maryland stocks (well, stocked) the pond with trout, so I'd wanted to fish there for a long time. Things finally came together this week and we had a little expedition on an absolutely beautiful day.

Unfortunately the fishing in the pond at the park wasn't so good. Fortunately a couple of people who were with us told us that the fishing in our retention pond is actually quite good; we went over there and had a lot of success. I've included a satellite photo from google maps below. The pond in the park is just under/to the left of where it says 'Random House Park'; the retention pond is over at the far right hand side of the picture. All of the big buildings you can see are part of our operations center.

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