Training Update

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The Brooklyn half-marathon is just under three weeks away. The picture above was taken at last year's race; I found the photo on flickr.

The course has been posted and looks like this:

Start on the Coney Island Boardwalk at West 2nd Street. Head west to a turnaround at West 36th Street and proceed east. Exit off West 10th Street and continue east on Surf Avenue to Ocean Parkway. Turn left/north onto Ocean Parkway to Prospect Expressway to Park Circle. Enter Prospect Park at Park Circle and head east on South Lake Drive. Continue around the northern end of the park, returning south on West Drive. Turn left/east onto Hill Drive and left/north onto East Drive. Turn left/west on Central Drive to the finish.

I've never been out to Coney Island so it should be fun to start the run there.

I went for a long run today - 11 miles. It's either the last or next-to-last long run I'll do before the race. Given some knee pain and general soreness, I'm not feeling quite as sharp as I did before I left for Houston back in March (as I wrote about earlier) and I'm wrestling with a balance of running to stay sharp and ready to do well in the race vs. giving my tired legs a rest.

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