Sharing Some Stats

I thought I'd share some year-to-date statistics with you on a rainy off-day.

The chart above - from, which I use to track my runs - shows my total weekly mileage for the last 10 weeks. The three really low weeks are the recovery week after the Bronx half-marathon (week -10), the week I was in Houston for spring break (week -5), and the week I traveled to Bermuda and Stockholm (week -3). As I've written about previously, you can see the havoc that travel wreaks on a training schedule.

On to the year-to-date stats (current through yesterday):

Days in 2008: 117
Runs in 2008: 63
Total mileage: 361 miles
Total time running: 55 hours
Average pace: 9:07 minutes/mile
Races: 4
Runs >= 15 miles: 1
Runs between 10 and 15 miles long: 8
Runs between 5 and 10 miles long: 21
Runs less than 5 miles long: 33

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