It's Not Perfect, But It's Still Pretty Cool

I'm a regular reader of Lifehacker - a blog about 'tech tricks, tips, and downloads for getting things done'. There was a post last week about stitching photos into panoramas with a free program called Hugin.

I took a few pictures on my run in Central Park this morning and put together a panorama of the Reservoir. I didn't have time to make it perfect (matching exposure, for example), but I think the results are cool all the same. The panorama is an assemblage of 4 photos - three of which are blended together seamlessly.

The software seems pretty easy to use and should be even easier once I have time to read the instructions! The lifehacker post has a good walkthrough of how to put together your own panorama in Hugin.

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Chatham Gardens said...

pretty amazing picture even with the one seam showing. I look forward to some great NYC panorama's in the future.