Hello From Munich (Today's Last Post)

In the spirit of hello from Bermuda and hello from Stockholm, I send greetings from Munich.

It's extremely rare that I travel as much for work as I have in the last few weeks, and unheard of that I'd travel to three different countries over the course of three weeks; fortunately it looks like international travel is behind me for a while - I don't have any further trips scheduled at this point. Today was a long day. I had the chance to grab a quick shower after flying overnight last night, but we spent the day in a dark room watching power point presentations on technology and innovation at Siemens.

The highlight of the day was dinner in the restaurant atop the tower in the Olympic Park in Munich, site of the (infamous) 1972 Olympics. While I was originally doubtful that the food would be good, it was actually delicious. It was fun to be back in the Olympic Park as it's a place I visited on my first and/or second trip to Europe. I made two trips to Europe while I was in high school - once after ninth grade and once after eleventh grade. Both trips included stops in Munich, where I still remember drinking beer (!) and eating an amazing rotisserie chicken at an outdoor beer garden. I had the chance to take a few pictures while we were up in the tower.

Short day of meetings tomorrow and then it's back to New York City.

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