Alcohol + Late Dinner + Fast Pace = Discomfort

Just back from this morning's run - the last long(ish) run before the Brooklyn half-marathon on Saturday.

Last night, I enjoyed a drink with a good friend in the 35th floor bar at the Mandarin Oriental (overlooking Central Park and the East Side of Manhattan), followed by a great dinner with Katherine, the friend, and his wife. Even though it was around 11 by the time we got home, I stayed up to watch American Idol (David Cook was excellent as always) - meaning it was a late night.

It's clear and cool in the city this morning - I actually went back to tights and a long-sleeved t-shirt. My plan was to do the 5.2 mile loop in Central Park at a slightly fast pace - something around my target race speed, which would be 8:40 per mile. I felt pretty uncomfortable the entire time I was running, which I attributed to last night's drinks, late dinner, and late bedtime.

Turns out I was also uncomfortable because of the pace at which I was running - just under 8 minutes per mile on average for the park loop!

I've got a short, easy run planned for tomorrow - followed by a day of rest and the race on Saturday.

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