If you have a few minutes.....

I've taken advantage of Adobe's new Photoshop Express to make a slideshow of some of my bird photos from Galveston. So far I've identified over 30 different birds, which is pretty incredible over just four days of photography. All of the pictures were taken with a Nikon D300 and mostly with an 80-400mm telephoto lens.

Since I wanted to get the slideshow up before I start a busy travel period for work, I've not labeled all of the photographs with bird identifications. I'd be happy to offer a cool prize to the person who identifies the most birds; post your answers in the comments. You don't have to identify every picture as some kinds of birds are included more than once.

Some of the pictures aren't great but have been included to show the full range of what we saw.

Please let me know if you have any technical difficulties and I'll try to help you out.


Katherine said...

Beautiful slideshow and pics! We saw such an amazing range of birds, though it was just a "regular" vacation - not a special "bird-watching" trip. But the habitat in Galveston is lovely and easy to see lots of birds. And AW spent a lot of time (and early mornings) snapping away!

Chatham Gardens said...

Wow, what an impressive range of birds, how fortunate you are to be able to have such easy access to seeing them. And how fortunate we, your friends are, that you are a great photographer and so willing to share your images with us.