Gorgeous Morning

IMG_4695, originally uploaded by aweber9.

I will never get tired of watching the sun rise over the reservoir in Central Park. Here's a picture from this morning's run.

As I've settled into a regular training schedule, I've come to (slightly) dread Wednesday & Thursday, as Wednesday is speedwork day and Thursday is recovery day. Doing a run the day after speedwork is often a grind, but today was actually pretty good - largely because I was able to do the run outside on a clear, cold, beautiful morning.

Here's a link to a few more pictures from this morning: flickr


Chatham Gardens said...

Magnificent photo - makes me remember fondly the mornings I would walk to work through Central Park. I miss those walks - not the work.

Sarah said...

Amazing picture. I aggree with Mandy.

When I walk to the gym at 6:30 the sun's already up in the sky. Maybe next week with daylight saving's time, I'll be able to catch a sunrise.