A Day at the Goat Farm, Part Two

As promised, I've posted some pictures of our day at flickr.

As we were leaving the farm yesterday, Christian and Lisa were meeting with the Houston Dairymaids - two women who 'travel the state of Texas to find the best cheeses available'. The Dairymaids were tasting Blue Heron's cheese to see if they will represent it at local farmer's markets. I don't know yet how the visit turned out but certainly hope it was a big success.

This will be Christian and Lisa's second year on the farm, but the first year with all of the aspects of their business in place (the goats, the dairy barn, licenses, etc.). With the great interest these days in local, artisanal, and natural products, it seems like an excellent time to be starting this business; as an example, check out Dairies Are Half-Pint, but the Flavor Isn't by Marian Burros in the New York Times.

In the same vein, I've got some friends at work who are starting a farm in Maryland. They are not as far along at this point as Christian and Lisa are with Blue Heron, but they are making progress; check out the link to learn more about GreenAkeys Farm.

If you are want to read more about the increased interest in local food, I highly recommend The Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto, both by Michael Pollan.

Enough food and farming talk for now....I'm off for a run before the weather goes south!

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