A Day at the Goat Farm, Part One

Katherine's brother Christian and his wife Lisa have started a goat cheese business in Field Store Community, Texas. Katherine and I and the girls, along with my sister Amy's daughter Anna, spent this morning at the farm getting an update on what's happening on the farm. You can find out a lot more about the business at the web site for Blue Heron Farm.

To give you a sense of what things are like out at Blue Heron, I figured I'd start with some video. I'll follow up in my next post with some pictures from the day.

Here's one of the two pigs who live on the farm (the audio is particularly fun):

It's baby goat season, and though most of the baby goats won't stick around Blue Heron for long, there were two babies on the farm today (one of which is just 4 days old). Here's some video of the goats:

Finally, there is a cool group of cows who live (or maybe they just graze) across the street. Here's a video of my encounter with one of the bigger ones.....:

As I've mentioned before, these pictures are taken with a Flip Video Camera - I recommend it highly!


Anonymous said...

WOO - stop upsetting the cows! Love my FLIP too...thanks for being gift counselor to my wife!


ceoguy said...

Nice cow charge. We didn't know about that. And we're not insured for it Haha.