Absolutely GREAT run today

What was supposed to be an easy recovery run the day after a speedwork workout turned into what I think will be an all-time classic workout.

I set out around 6:15; courtesy of the recent switch to daylight savings time it was still totally dark. Though it was cold (just below 30) it was very comfortable given that there was no wind. The park was quiet as usual for the hour - not much going on other than people running or biking. Given the perfect conditions and the fact that I felt great, I ran hard for the entire loop of the park.

Net result: 7+ miles at a pace of 8:15 per mile.

Nice bonuses along the way: terrific sunrise plus lots of bird sightings - including a hawk up in the north woods.

Tomorrow is a weight training day followed by another looooong run on Saturday. Big change of venue as we'll be in Houston......

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Chatham Gardens said...

Congratulations on your training results - I am expecting great results from your Brooklyn run.