3 great posts

No running news today; after Saturday's 10+ miles and yesterday's race, today was an off day. Back in the saddle tomorrow on a treadmill at the PIkesville Hilton near Baltimore, where I'm down for two days of meetings at our Operations Center in Westminster.

In the meantime, I wanted to point out some terrific blog entries I came across today.

On Buzz Machine, Jeff Jarvis has two great posts on media - one on the media's coverage of the Obama campaign (link here) and one on how to recreate the New York Times so it has a chance of surviving the massive transformation of the newspaper business (link here).

Marc Andreessen (technology entrepreneur) shares his perspective on Obama based on meeting him one-on-one early last year (link here).

I read Jarvis and Andreessen regularly for their perspectives on changes in the media business.

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