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We've moved on from Philadelphia to Connecticut to continue our extended weekend. Sorry to disappoint you that I did not manage to get in a run which involved running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art while listening to Rocky - though it did cross my mind and I *do* have some songs from the movie on my ipod. We had a great time traveling with the kids, who enjoyed their first concert (George Strait) in spite of the fact that they slept through most of it. The opening act - Little Big Town - was pretty good. I really enjoyed this song: Bring it On Home

Today is the official kickoff of training for the Brooklyn half-marathon, race number three in the NYRR Half-Marathon Grand Prix. Having finished the first two races without formally training, it will be interesting to see how I'll perform with a real training plan leading up to the race.

After running my first half-marathon in just over two hours, I set a goal to get into the top 50% of finishers, whether overall, by age, or by age & gender. The NYRR site has a cool feature where you can browse, in detail, the results of all the finishers of a race. Based on a look at the data, if I could get my half-marathon time down to about 1 hour 52 minutes I'd be in the top 50% of all finishers.

Today's run took place in surprising conditions. In honor of the dreaded triple-h (hazy, hot, and humid), I'll call today triple-w: wet, windy, and warm. At a time of year when the high temperatures are in the upper thirties, we hit the mid-fifties today here in Connecticut. After it rained more or less all night last night, most of the snow cover is gone and we're left with a dreary brown landscape. Conditions were fine, though, for today's training run - 4 miles at an easy pace.

Tomorrow is an off day; I'll write more then about the training schedule.

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