Looking East Across the Jackie Onassis Reservoir, Daybreak

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This is a picture from an early morning run a few weeks back - January 25th, to be exact. Inspired by a long early-morning run I took with my friend Jordi in Houston at the beginning of January, I've come to love running in Central Park early in the morning - the park is totally quiet and shared only by animals, runners, and bikers.

The picture feels like an appropriate place to start the story of my big challenge for the year - to complete the New York Road Runners club Half-marathon Grand Prix and to run the Chicago Marathon.

The NYRR Grand Prix is a series of five half-marathons, one in each borough of New York City. So far I've completed Manhattan (in 2 hours and 2 minutes) and the Bronx (in 1 hour, 58 minutes); Brooklyn is up next at the end of April. I've signed up for Chicago - which takes place over Columbus Day weekend - with Chris Landgraff. The notion of running Chicago came up while we were visiting the Landgraffs in Chicago last October...where the weather was so hot the marathon was actually called off before most people were able to finish.

I've been looking for an excuse to blog, and this seems like as good a reason as any. I'm not sure yet exactly what I'll write about or how often I'll write....but I plan to share lots of details about training, fun runs, and anything else that might come to mind.

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