A '59 Seconds' Exercise in Motivation and a 2010 Resolution

For a couple of weeks in 2008, during the peak of training for the Chicago Marathon, I was at my target weight: 165 pounds. Given the aftermath of all the running I did in 2008, 2009 was not a great year for running. I'm back on track now, though, and eagerly looking forward to the NYRR Manhattan half-marathon in a couple of weeks.

I'm recommitting myself to achieving my target weight, and I'm using the steps outlined in the Motivation chapter of 59 Seconds: Think A Little, Change A Lot to focus my efforts. It's a fun book that I highly recommend.

The key steps include:

1. Identify the overall goal
2. Create a step by step plan to achieve the goal (including specifics on how each step will be achieved and how you will reward yourself as each step is achieved.
3. Specifically identify the benefits of achieving the goal.
4. Tell lots of people about your goal. That's what's happening here, by the way.....

For more background, check out this post on Wiseman's blog: How to keep your New Year’s resolution


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