Can you help? Need a name for a chocolate lab......

Exciting news - we'll be adding a new family member in a few weeks - a chocolate lab. Lots of discussion about potential names, so I figured I'd get some input from all of you. Please vote on your favorite name, and let me know via the comments if you have any other suggestions.


I absolutely LOVE Bonnie. Chocolate bon bon!

Love it.

Everyone has a dog named Molly. Molly isnt a bad name, just too common. Bonnie rulez.
Sarah said…
I am reaffirming my facebook, over the phone, and in person vote here. I vote for the write in of "Ruby". You're getting her in July and Ruby is the stone for July. It's perfect. I will be calling her Ruby regardless - a la Columbus/George.
Sue said…
How about Daisy? or Rosie? It will be a perfect homage to the flowers that used to grow in your garden before she came! :-)

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