Good And Bad Cats - A Story By SAW

Sarah wrote this terrific story about our family's two cats and I wanted to share it with all of you. I encourage you to use the full screen view so you can fully appreciate Sarah's work.



Chatham Gardens said…
I am blown away by SAW, both the artwork and the storyline. I especially love the steaming poop. I hope she will write a story about Chatham Gardens or Cape Cod when she visits in June. Please tell her I loved reading it and will re-read it many times.
Christian S. said…
I love this more than I can tell you.

Almost as much as when Katherine tried to soften the description of the slaughter of our animals and SAW said, "I know...I LIKE it!"

She's a keeper. :)
Christian S. said…
oops, that me - lisa - above,
Annette said…
We absolutely loved that! Thanks for sharing. Pee U!!!!

Debbie Barrash said…
That was fabulous. Thank SAW for putting a smile on my face and tell her I can't wait to read the next story. Please post more of these :)
Chelsea said…
Cute. I used to write mini-books too--this brings back good memories. Love the good & bad moments with the cats.

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