A Nice Run

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse view
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I really enjoy running when traveling as it's a great way to experience new places. I've had the chance to run twice here in Bermuda. Yesterday's run went through some of the bays - Horseshoe, Chaplin, and Stonehold - along the southwest side of the island. Today's run - which was with my friend and colleague Amanda - covered South Road, Tribe Road Number 3, and the Railway Trail. Along the railway trail we encountered a somewhat hidden turnoff to the Gibbs Hill lighthouse. After a long, slow trip up the hill, we were rewarded with view like the one above (courtesy of BDA Rebel on flickr).

Bermuda is a beautiful place. I haven't had the chance to take many pictures but will try to do so before I leave this afternoon.

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A. said...

definately a nice run. thanks!